2020 Gladiator Cornhole Gear #BATTLE4THEBOUNTY 

To be eligible for bounty the following criteria must be met:
  1. Won at ACL National #1 Kickoff Battle
  2. Must be either wearing a Gladiator Cornhole Gear Glove or be playing with a Gladiator Cornhole Gear Bag
  3. Must have proof of purchase through either our site or an approved sales channel (does not include FREE items won via a contest)
  4. Submit your 1st place winning picture for any of the below categories on Facebook showing products used with #battle4thebounty & name must be listed on ACL website as winner for National #1 Kickoff Battle
  5. All double events players will split the prize money if both using products if only one is wearing the glove 1/2 prize money will be awarded to that player
  6. Upon review of above criteria, bounty payment will be issued via Paypal