Designed By Pros With All Players In Mind!

Gladiator Cornhole Gear is bringing revolutionary ideas and designs to elevate the game of Cornhole. Not only are our cornhole bags patent pending with the emerald cut design, we're also the creators of the patented original Cornhole Glove and patent pending Battle Bag cornhole backpack. We will continue to create and develop new and innovative designs to keep progressing the great sport of Cornhole.

Justin Stranger

My parents and I used to laugh that I got "cornhole finger" after throwing all day. I used to rub my finger raw somehow with my release. With GCG Cornhole Glove I don't have that problem. #FEARTHEGLOVE

Ryan Smith

It's awesome! I have tried numerous different things to keep my hands from getting sweaty and sticking to the backside of the bag while playing. No more towel or rushing to the bathroom to wash my hands in between matches, the glove does the trick and blocks the sweat which as a result allows for a smooth and clean release every time. So just know, if I'm on the boards, I'm spoting it without a doubt! #FEARTHEGLOVE

Eric Ryder

The GCG Cornhole Glove is revolutionary in the cornhole world. I refuse to pick up a bag now without my glove on. My bags stay dry and the material allows me to feel the bag while providing that grip I need to spin the bag. Don't knock it until you try it. Other major sports athletes use gloves in golf, baseball, football - why not cornhole players?

The glove will elevate your game, bringing it to another level. #FEARTHEGLOVE